You and your partner are in a good place. You know that there are potential road blocks, detours, and side streets that can cause bumps in the road ahead. This package is all about having the ultimate relationship, and making your good relationship extraordinary. Don’t wait until you have relationship problems to work on your relationship. Protect your investment!

This Package Jumps right into the work. It does not include our Relationship Checkup Assessment. You and your partner are coming in with specified areas where you want to see improvements. This choice is very interactive and requires each person to be on board with taking direction and practicing on your own in between sessions.

This Package Offers

Initial Session: Introductions and identifying main areas needing attention in order to set goals around those areas.

2nd -4th Sessions: Practicing techniques and interventions targeting the identified goals

4th Session: Close out session or opportunity to purchase another bundle

Happy Couple Investment:

1 Bundle-$750 ($187.50 per 60 min session bought in bundles of 4 sessions)