You have been with your partner for years, and now you and your significant other are going through some rough times. The Strengthen and Connect Boost are packages geared toward helping you navigate through difficult times in your relationship.

Every relationship goes through difficult times; however, there may be a time where the tension is so thick, you may not be able to see through the fog. In these cases, additional support is needed to help with ensuring the health of your relationship moving forward. You may be hurt by a specific event, struggling to communicate, or experiencing problems with getting the spark back. This package is all about strengthening your bond and improving the connection with your partner. Gain new perspectives about difficult problems. Discover new ways to resolve problems in your relationship. Improve intimacy, communication, and listening skills. Together, we will work to identify strengths and barriers within your relationship. The good news is, you have decided not to ignore the problems in your relationship. It’s time to repair your relationship. Begin your journey to building a healthier happier relationship today.

Strengthen & Connect Boost Packages

Package #1
Boost My Connection Investment

(16) Couples Coaching Sessions (2) Individual coaching sessions
(1) Initial Couples Clinical Assessment, Online Relationship Checkup, Relationship Assessment, Re-assessment, and aftercare planning session.

  • The goal of couples counseling is to work on strengthening your connection and communication with each other while also growing and nurturing yourself as an individual. Couples coaching works best when you can pursue your interests and fill your cup while growing together as a couple. You will learn strategies to communicate with each other and grow together instead of just living together as roommates, having arguments about the same thing over and over, or even being frustrated with unnecessary disagreements when you actually agree with one another.
  • A Couples assessment evaluation will be conducted. You will meet together as a couple, and following the couples evaluation, you will each separately complete the online portion of the evaluation. The results will be compiled to develop a personalized working road map for your session. You will receive a feedback session following the evaluation
  • (16) bi-weekly or weekly Couples Coaching sessions
  • (2) individual coaching sessions each. In relationships, we must always ensure we are working to grow together in a way that doesn’t neglect or trample on our individual needs. Many times, people can not sustain the gains made because the relationship is starving their individuality.  This leads to short-term success and long-term failure.  To promote long-term success, the individual sessions will focus on self-growth, self-care, and marriage mindset.
  • Growth review and Aftercare planning sessions to establish a plan for follow-up when weekly and bi-weekly counseling sessions conclude.

Package #1
Boost My Connection Investment


Package #2:
Strengthen My Bond Investment:
18 Couples Coaching Sessions
3 individual coaching sessions each
Relationship Assessment and Reassesment, including an Online Relationship Checkup,

Private Marriage Retreat

Email Support, Including Homework

Package #2: Breakdown
Strengthen My Bond Marriage Coaching Package:

  • Being a happy, healthy individual is an essential part of building a successful marriage. This package focuses on building and strengthening your relationship and ensuring that your personal needs and desires are not neglected in the process. Marriages that work have a healthy balance of focusing on building a solid emotional connection, while also promoting individual wellness.
  • (4) Session Relationship Assessment will be conducted where you will meet individually and together. You will complete an online relationship assessment. Following the evaluation, you will receive a feedback session identifying the problem areas and strengths in your relationship to develop a bond-building map.
  • (18) Weekly or bi-weekly 90-minute couples sessions.
  • (3) 60-minute Individual Coaching Sessions: These private sessions provide a safe space for each person to focus on self-care, personal healing, and their marriage mindset. It’s an opportunity to explore your personal feelings in an unfiltered way while addressing fears and expectations in a supportive. environment.
  • Personal sessions will address individual issues that may negatively impact or unintentionally sabotage your relationship.
  • Create your unified vision: Together, we will go through a step-by-step process to rediscover and strengthen your bond. We will create a practical and actionable plan that helps you reconnect, align your goals, and grow together without losing yourself in the process.
  • Couples Goal Setting Workbook to guide you through the process of developing an aligned vision.
  • Personalized Homework Assignments: In addition to the counseling sessions, you’ll receive assignments that reinforce the specific areas you are addressing in sessions. It is vital that you continue to implement the progress made in the session into your everyday life.
  • (1) Private Marriage Retreat: This is an intentionally focused, uninterrupted six-hour session that will allow you to go further faster without losing precious time. You and your mate will learn to understand each other. We will walk you through the process of practicing using the tools to improve your communication so you can each be heard and valued. You will have an opportunity to learn and put things into practice, which will help you successfully implement the tools into your real life.

This package provides a balanced focus on marriage and personal growth We recognize that a healthy relationship starts with happy healthy individuals. Our approach focuses on both personal growth and restoring your marriage, ensuring that you both thrive individually and as a couple.

Package #2:
Strengthen My Bond Investment: