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Your alternative to couples therapy.

For Singles and Couples

Courses to help you have the best relationship with yourself and others including: Self love, Dating, Married, Divorced, Family and Friendships

Courses For Couples >

Get the tools to heal from past relationships, improve communication, have a strong foundation, get the spark back, and enhance the intimacy in your relationship, so you can build strong healthy, happy, long lasting relationships.

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Heal and Develop Strong Relationships

Get the tools to heal from past relationships, improve communication, have a strong foundation, get the spark back, and enhance the intimacy in your relationship, so you can build strong healthy, happy, long lasting relationships.


Are you tired of having unproductive conversations?

Get 5 easy effective communication skills that you can implement immediately. Learn the skills to have difficult conversations without having a full blown argument. If you want free flowing conversations where you can talk about anything, this is the course for you.


Relationship Building Fundamentals

Get your relationship on track for power couple status in 5 days. Use the skills that successful couples use on a regular basis to keep their relationship a priority even when the schedule is busy. Get simple strategies to show love and affection so you can remain in love with each other.

Relationship Building Fundamentals

Transform your relationship with a few simple steps. Build trust, strengthen your connection, and get the tips to build a solid commitment based on friendship and love. This course will provide you with the secrets to build and grow together, so your relationship will last.


5 easy steps to get your man to understand you and follow through with meeting your needs. This program will have your man listening to you, and sharing his thoughts, emotions, and feelings with you.

Goal Setting

This workbook helps couples come up with individual goals and relationship goals. It has all the tools you need to start the conversation around developing and setting goals. .Get to know yourself better! Get to know your partner better! Set a Mission Statement! Establish a bigger purpose for yourself, your relationship, and your family!

Foundation Building

To have the best relationships possible, you have to build a strong foundation for your intimate relationship, while balancing friendship and family. Get the secrets to prioritize your relationships and friendships, so you can have great connections. This workbook and video series will walk you through the process of having a deeper connection with your mate, and meaningful fulfilling friendships that add value to your life.


Get out of the cycle or being used in your friendships, your romantic relationships, and with family. Set effective boundaries in a few easy steps. Say no without feeling guilty, or ruining your relationships. Learn the steps to exude confidence while getting your point across. This Communicate in a way that gets your needs met, and make sure that you can have a great relationship without losing yourself.



This is a downloadable Journal Style Workbook with the 30 Day Power Woman's Mindset Challenge. This challenge targets your everyday self-talk to make sure it's always on point. It is for any woman who wants to keep her self-worth and self-confidence high, and it specifically helps the woman that wants to get her voice back and shut down negativity. We turned it into a success bundle by adding a goal-setting workbook and mindset videos to help you get on track and stay on track.



  • How to heal from hurt, betrayal, and pain, and become a stronger person because of it.
  • How to save your relationship, and not just survive, but thrive.
  • How to identify and discuss boundaries around cheating.
  • How to increase intimacy and connection.


Dating can be a nerve-racking experience if you don’t get clear about its purpose for you. The purpose of this guide is to help give you some clarity around what you are looking for and reduce the stress of the dating experience.


There are so many men that are not a good fit. Dodge the bullet and avoid attracting a man that will not benefit your life. This e-course is for you if you are:

  • Tired of attracting just any man, and you are ready for someone that is a good match
  • Serious about attracting a man that will be a soulmate.
  • Aware of the importance of a healthy relationship and not just any relationship.


Don't let the weight of a toxic relationship hold you back, and fill you with a life of hurt, pain, and regret. This 90+ min course will provide you with the secrets to let go and heal so you can be available. Make sure to have a pen and paper ready when you start.

About The Relationship Boosters

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Relationship Boosters are Licensed Therapists with Masters and Doctorate degrees in the counseling field. They have been featured in magazines and on radio programs to provide information that helps people build strong relationships.  

They have a busy private practice in Laurel, Maryland and years of experience and proven success with helping women and couples build strong relationships, let go of toxic patterns, and use strategize to improve their quality of life.  

Dr. Kia, Monika, and Carol- Ann have 18 years of experience providing therapy, and have helped thousands of people get the life that they want and get the relationships that they thought they could never have.