Pre-Marital Love Boost

This package is customized to address the specific needs of couples seeking Pre-marital counseling. If you are in a committed relationship and know that you are ready to take the next step toward a lifetime of love, then this package is for you!

The Happy Couple

Package #1: The Happy Couple (6 week session)

This package is designed for the couple still in the infancy stages of love. Perhaps you have been committed to each other for two years or less, but you know that you have met “the one.” This package will surely provide you with the skills you need to grow together, in love, over the long-term.

This Package Offers:

Initial visit: identifying individual triggers related to problems that come up and understanding the difference between perpetual and solvable problems. The couple will be able to identify their own concerns of potential problem areas in their relationship.

2nd-3rd Session: Ruling out the myths of marriage and understanding one another’s expectations. discussion about conflict and how to argue effectively.

4th-5th Session: interventions to gaining deeper understanding and effective communication skills

6th Session- Potential barriers or roadblocks and problem solving together

The Marathon Couple

Package #2: Marathon Couple- (8 week session)

This package is better known as “the make it last forever” package. This package is suited for couples who have experienced some difficult times within their relationship, or have circumstances from their past that may impact this current relationship (divorce, children from other relationships, financial challenges, etc.) It is designed for those couples who have been together for three or more years and just want to make sure they have what it takes to make marriage last forever.

This Package Offers:

Initial Session: Assessment including identification of problem areas and road blocks

2nd Session Feedback session with Personalized Goal Setting

3rd-4th Session: Listening and speaking to gain deeper understanding of one another while maintaining respect in the relationship

5th-6th Sessions- building trust through expression of needs and strengthening listening skills

7th-8th Sessions-Problem solving through dialogue and compromise

Pre-Marital Packages

Package #1
The Happy Couple
6 Couples Coaching Sessions
$187.50 per 60 min session


Package #2
The Marathon Couple
8 Couples Coaching Sessions
$187.50 per 60 min session