You have been with your partner for years, and now you and your significant other are going through some rough times. The Strengthen and Connect Boost are packages geared toward helping you navigate through difficult times in your relationship.

Every relationship goes through difficult times; however, there may be a time where the tension is so thick, you may not be able to see through the fog. In these cases, additional support is needed to help with ensuring the health of your relationship moving forward. You may be hurt by a specific event, struggling to communicate, or experiencing problems with getting the spark back. This package is all about strengthening your bond and improving the connection with your partner. Gain new perspectives about difficult problems. Discover new ways to resolve problems in your relationship. Improve intimacy, communication, and listening skills. Together, we will work to identify strengths and barriers within your relationship. The good news is, you have decided not to ignore the problems in your relationship. It’s time to repair your relationship. Begin your journey to building a healthier happier relationship today.

Strengthen & Connect Boost Packages

Package #1
Boost My Connection Investment
8 Couples Coaching Sessions ($187.50 per 60 min sessions)
2 Individual coaching sessions
Online Relationship Checkup


Package #2:
Strengthen My Bond Investment:
12 Couples Coaching Sessions (187.50 per 60 min) or 8 Couples Coaching Sessions (281.25 per 90min)
2 individual coaching sessions
Online Relationship Checkup