Wealth and Wellness Summit (Individual Ticket)

$190.00 $75.00

Are you ready to master healthy living and build a legacy for you and your family? If so, don’t miss the DC Wealth and Wellness Summit.

You will get the strategies for financial, mental, and physical health and wellness. In addition, you will get the steps to build and expand your business.

We know that wealth in the African American community is actually moving backwards, which means that even though this current generation makes more money and has more degrees, we have less wealth than the previous generation, which means that we don’t have the money to live if our job ended tomorrow.

We are seeing strong black women become unable to work due to stress induced medical issues as a result of work stress and lack of work life balance. This is a serious issue and we are ready to tackle it so that we can be healthy and have a fulfilling life.

Our goal is to educate and empower you to overcome and manage the barriers to gaining wealth and optimal health. We want you to not only create a strong family and community, but create a legacy.  If you are ready to make sure that you are prepared health wise and financially sign up now

For one person: $90.00

Accountability has shown to increase success when making life transitions; therefore, there is a discount if you bring a friend, spouse, or business partner.  For two people: $150.00



The wealth and wellness summit is here to help you:

A few of the presenters are as follows:

The Relationship Boosters:  Licensed Therapists and Relationship Experts

Ashley Ann:  Social Medial Strategist and Biz Builder

Kevin Mack: Financial Adviser

Nicole Bourn: Healthy Food Educator Also Known As The Vegan Mom Lifestyle

Dr. Larry Boulware: Medical Doctor

Alphonso Lewis: Licensed Therapist

Sharyn Harden:  Yoga and Wellness Coach


This is an event you don’t want to miss.  Sign up Now!