Communication Mini-Course: Avoid Turning A Disagreement Into An Argument


Build your toolkit with the skills and knowledge that good communicators possess. Avoid Turning a Disagreement into an Argument is the ultimate guide which contains the 5 Keys to ensuring your communication is solid at all times. It includes the 5 keys that you need in order to have a conversation with your significant other, WHILE holding onto your dignity. Take control of your disagreements! Get your point across more effectively! Be Heard AND Understood a lot quicker!

Disagreements happen, but if you find that disagreements in your relationship often lead to high level conflicts and standoffs, it’s time to change something. Our mini-course is the perfect tool.



Own the 5-Day Avoid an Argument Mini-Course

Build your communication toolbox with the skills and knowedge that all of the good communicators possess.

Do you dread having conversations about serious issues with your significant other. Do you feel that your problems go round in circles with no end in sight. Are you looking to get a better handle on how you communicate? Are you Looking to understand your partner better? Then this course is just for you.


Personal Gain 

By taking the time to invest 5 days into sharpening your communication skills, you will make significant improvement in your relationship satisfaction.

Daily Emails (PDFs)

You will have access to all of the PDFs, which are downloadable. They include the five daily assignments with instructions that go along with the five video trainings (included).


You will have access to each of the five days of the live video recordings at your finger tips!

Don’t wait, start working on your communication today!