The “Power Couple” Guide To Staying Happy: 5 Day Power Workbook


Get your relationship on track to be a Power Couple in 5 days!

  • Ready for your relationship to feel like you just can’t get enough of each other?
  • Make the most of your quality time
  • Keep the affection consistent
  • Always know what’s going on in your partner’s day
  • Date like the early days in your relationship
  • Know the secret to feeling appreciated

This workbook includes specific strategies to:

  • Keep your affection consistent
  • Show and receive love daily
  • Prioritize your partner when you are so busy world
  • Create a teamwork culture in your relationship

The 5 Day Power Workbook is a great tool with activities to help support your relationship so it doesn’t go into roommate syndrome.

Don’t hesitate, take your chance now to take your relationship to the next level.  Your partner will thank you later.