Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you accept insurance for couples or individual coaching?
Answer: No! Insurance is a medical benefit which requires a medical diagnosis to justify it’s use. One or both of you would have to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder and the diagnosed person would be the focus of the therapy. This also limits where and to whom we can offer services. Coaching does not take a medical stance. We believe that everyone can benefit from relationship coaching and you shouldn’t have a label to receive help. Coaching is also a form of preventative help, which can be utilized before things in your relationship and mental health become too overwhelming. It can also be used as a tool to build on strengths and skills you already have in your relationship.Question: Are sessions only done in your office?

Answer: No! We offer virtual sessions through private and secure video platforms. You can be in any location.
Question: How much does couples or individual coaching cost? Answer: Our fee schedule is based on the length of the session. 45 min- $112 60 min-$150 90 min-$225 Our fees will be changing January 1st 2021 for all new clients.Question: Do you offer any packages?
Answer: Yes! All packages also include an assessment. Premarital- 9×60 min sessions Couples Coaching- 8×60 min sessions or 12×60 min sessions session package Relationship Coaching for One- 4×60 min sessions Group Coaching- 4 hour workshop only, 6hr workshop only, or Date Night Workshop (2 hr workshop and date night activity-wine tasting or paint night or plant night)

Question: How long will we need to have coaching?

Answer: The length of time depends on the needs of each couple or individual. There is usually a minimum of 4 sessions to make sure that the assessment is completed and at least one technique around communication is introduced.Question: Are we able to return after our initial coaching experience is complete?

Answer: Yes! We encourage couples to do a Relationship Checkup in 6 months or 1 yr for Premarital couples. You are welcomed to return for more sessions if a new issue arises or if you want to build on the skills you have already developed.
Question: Do you offer coaching for people outside of the state or country?
Answer: Yes! We are able to do our coaching sessions by private and secure video from anywhere there is internet access.