Enhancing Your Emotional Connection

There Is Never A Bad Time To Give Your Relationship That Extra Boost! (24:40)
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Enhancing Your Emotional Connection

Podcast Episode 21

Chats with Monika

Don’t Allow Your Relationship to Run on Auto-pilot

A common theme we hear, providing relationship counseling, is that couples feel that they have grown apart. They go through the day taking care of everyone else in the family, making sure that the kids are fed, homework is complete, and that all the tasks associated with maintaining a household are done, all while putting the relationship needs to the side.  This distancing between you and your partner can negatively impact the relationship and eventually erode your emotional connection.

Emotional connection has been described as the bond you have with your partner, the closeness you feel with one another, knowing without a doubt that your partner understands you.  You feel safe, valued, and comforted in your most vulnerable moments.

Why Work on Your Emotional Connection?

  • Lack of emotional connection can be a relationship killer.
  • couples with no emotional connection frequently report feeling unhappy in the relationship.
  • Loss of connection is described as feeling lonely even when you are together.
  • Emotional connection is a form of relationship glue that holds you and your partner together.

A Few Factors That Can Create Emotional Distancing

  • Problems with communication
  • Lack of Trust
  • Mismanagement of money or poor spending habits
  • Infidelity
  • Baggage from the past
  • Being indecisive
  • Lack of ability to compromise
  • Allowing others to negatively impact your relationship (In laws and baby mama drama)
  • Poor boundaries outside of relationship
  • Feeling Complacent

Avoid Emotional Disconnection

  • Take inventory on what’s going on in the relationship. You can only recognize the changes in your relationship when you are actively engaged and paying attention to the subtle changes. If you are not tuned in to your partner, you may miss the signs
  • Be aware of yourself.
  • Be aware of things within the relationship that have impacted you in a way that you may feel guarded about bringing up concerns in the relationship. Be advised, ignoring issues for a desire to keep the peace creates a divide between you and your partner.
  • Be aware of any traumas you may have experienced in the past and how these things may play out in your current relationship.

Actively Work To Emotionally Connect Daily

  • Make sure you work on your connection by showing interest in your partner’s day.
  • Engage and communicate with your partner daily. Speak up about positive events and concerns that you have about the relationship.
  • Take action when you feel the emotional connection waning. Don’t passively wait for things to blow over.

Focus on your emotional connection today- What are you willing to do today to get connected and stay connected?

Join us and work on building your intimacy and emotional connection today.

More Resources

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