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Wine Tasting Reboot

Hi everyone! It’s back and better than ever! This time we are combining a wine tasting with a couples workshop! I know we’re geniuses!
Relationships require a lot of work. They also require a lot of play. Enjoy a relationship boosting event that’s an afternoon of bonding, wine tasting, learning, and adding a new memory to your friendship memoirs with your partner.

How to know if this event is a good fit for you and your partner:
*There are no issues with addictions in your life or relationship, especially related to alcohol.
* Your relationship is Ok, Good, or Always Open To Growing experiences.
*You’re looking for new or improved ways of communicating with each other.
*You don’t think you guys need therapy but could benefit from coaching in the right direction.
*You had been putting off quality time with each other for far too long.
*You both could use a quick reboot to get re-attuned.

What to expect:
*An event for Couples!
*Wine Tasting 50 minute event from 4p-4:50p and 5p-7p Couples Workshop with Relationship Boosters meet and greet
*Tasting of 11 different wines included
*A special Presentation and Education about types and other nuiances related to wine
*Food for purchase
*One light appetizer included
*$40 per couple gets you all of the above

Come Out, Play, & Build Memories Intentionally!

Coming Soon!!!