Bringing Back The Good Ol’ Days

 Remember the days when your relationship was new and everything was so exciting?  When relationships are new, you may anticipate your next interaction; it may feel like waiting in line for a roller coaster ride! This excitement creates an intense interest to see each other.  There is also a great deal of concern and interest in your partner’s feelings.  When the sparks are flying, there is an increased focus on connecting emotionally.  At this stage in the relationship, you are more likely to center your life around your partner.

Many people ask, “What can I do to bring back that experience?”  It all starts with focusing on your partner and your relationship.  Listed are some ideas to heighten the focus on your partner. 

  1. Get out of the routine.  Switch it up so that your partner can experience some things that are unexpected.  For instance, show up for lunch at his or her job.  Have a romantic evening planned at the house. Routines can become boring; it makes life seem like it’s on autopilot.  Getting out of the routine can help add some spice to your relationship.
  2. Take the day and plan a date with the focus on your partner.   Think of something that he or she might enjoy, and make a Saturday of it!   This will give your spouse the idea that you have been thinking about him or her during your time apart. 
  3.  Re-create a date that was meaningful to you and your partner.  What date do you recall being highly connected with your partner?  If your first date was your most memorable experience, why not do it again?  Re-create that night or day.  Bring back the romance from the intense connection that you had at that time. 

Remember, keeping the spark lit can contribute to having a long lasting connection.  Recalling your courting days can always help you maintain an interest in one another.  It allows you to remember the reasons for being together.