My husband and I often recall the day of our wedding and I think we both would agree that it was one of the defining moments in our relationship. The wedding planning was not as stressful as anticipated but it was rather lengthy and time consuming, not to mention our first experience with budgeting as a couple. It was a big event that took a lot of planning and coming together to make it a success and it set the tone for our team mindset.

Like many couples, we had a beautiful ceremony with a fun reception to celebrate with our family and friends. It was an amazing day not only for us but for everyone who showed up to gather around us and celebrate our union. I don’t think I smiled so much for an entire day, my face was sore. But since that day there have been so many defining moments for us, many of which have come and gone without much pomp and circumstance. Today is our two-year anniversary, Yay! It makes me think about how important it is to celebrate, not only the major events but all of the little moments in between-and there have been many. The series of events that led up to serious commitment, moments of genuine connection, laughter that has turned to inside jokes and even the times of stress that require the thinking of two as opposed to one. Those are the moments that no one else can truly understand but the two of you. My husband and I are no different than any other couple defining who they are together and still being true to who we are as individuals.

Every couple has their defining moment, the point in which they recognize what their relationship stands for, or what it’s really about. As your story evolves over time your vision becomes clear and a purpose emerges that you can clearly state as the reason that you are together. Ultimately others also begin to see that life only makes sense with the two of you together. Those are the defining moments. It often takes years for couples to build a stable foundation with one another that enhances their union but also who they are as individuals. This makes it even more important to live in the moment, every day, because living for the future and what you want to achieve can cause you to miss out on the beauty of Right Now!

Anniversaries give couples the opportunity to not only remember the momentous events that make their relationship great, but the smaller, sometimes mundane or subtle stories that add meaning and purpose to who you are as a couple. Whether two years in to marriage or 50 years deep, anniversaries are a time to reflect, appreciate and recognize the person you chose to build a life with in the moment and all moments leading you to happily ever after.