5: Let’s Talk About Sex

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Episode 5:  Let’s Talk About Sex!

Boosting Your Sex Life With Carol-Ann Trotman

Sex is a topic that many couples do not speak about; however, this is a topic that needs to be addressed.  Discussing sex and topics related to sex can help you better enjoy your sex life.  Not talking about sex in your relationship can hinder your relationship in many ways; you are preventing yourself and your partner from having more satisfaction in your sex life.

Many couples share that they do not begin a discussion about sex due to fear of hurting their partner’s feelings; however, even if you do not bring up your concerns, you may still be sending off negative non-verbal messages to your partner. 

How to begin conversations about sex and sexual pleasure.

  • Don’t bring it up while you are having sex. This is not the time to have a conversation about your sex life. Bring it up on a date night or at a relaxed time.
  • Share with your partner things that you would like to try.
  • Make sure you provide sexual activities that you would like to engage in more or less frequently.
    • What sexual positions or activities would you like to do more frequently.
      • Make sure you are open for feedback. Remember, the goal is to make improvements
    • Develop a list, and bring up the conversations to facilitate discussion. Make sure you do not get off track.
    • Play a game that would allow sexual conversations to be more spontaneous.


Sex conversations should be ongoing. Make time to have a conversation regarding sex.

Sex is a topic that you or your partner may experience anxiety talking about; therefore, make the conversation comfortable. Take risks in your relationship, be vulnerable.

Tips To Assist With Sex and Sexual Exploration

Do research on your own to better explore how to enhance your sex life.  You can also do research with each other to facilitate more discussion. 

When having discussions about sex, remember to make it fun not tense.

If you are continuing to experience difficulty, you can always seek counseling services.  In a counseling environment, you can get help with further exploring your sex life.


Carol-Ann Trotman suggested the following book:

Esther Perel; Mating In Captivity.  In this book; she addresses emotional intelligence and understanding your own and your partner’s ideas about sex.

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