23: Using Getaways to Keep Your Relationship Strong

There Is Never A Bad Time To Give Your Relationship That Extra Boost! (35:03)
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Black Couple Getaways

Podcast Episode 23

Interview with Jerome (JD) Davis, Executive Director of Black Couple Getaways

Using Getaways To Keep Your Relationship Strong

A getaway is a couple’s date experience that can help your marriage tremendously. It is much more than your average weekend trip.

Jerome shares how and why the idea of Black Couple Getaways came into existence.

  • Jerome experienced going to resorts and seeing black people serving him as opposed to enjoying the resort, and he wanted an opportunity to see and associate with people who looked like him while on vacation.
  • He saw a need to focus on the black community, because there are not many people serving the Black Couple Community. He is passionate about catering to black couples, and building strong healthy relationships.  He describes black couples as the heart of the community.  He uses Black Couples Getaway to provide fun, relationship empowerment, and financial empowerment.

The Benefits of a Couples Getaway: Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

  • You will not get an event specifically catering the Black community on Groupon.
  • Relationship empowerment sessions and a culture for couples to connect will not be found on a discount website.
  • Learn from other couples
  • Get Inspired by other couples
  • Gain Knowledge from experts
  • Time to be alone with your partner

Getaway Destinations for Couples. “Get Your Passport.”

  • Brazil
  • Dubai
  • South Africa
  • The Carribean (You can’t go wrong in the Carribean)
  • Shanghai

It is important for couples to “do things together.” There is a wealth of benefits from traveling and resourcing with other couples. When couples are away from their natural environment, it gives them the opportunity to focus on each other and work on their relationship. When you are on a getaway with other couples, there is the added benefit of being in an environment dedicated to building healthy relationships and having fun.

To get in touch with Jerome (JD) Davis and find out more about his getaways, go to his website: blackcouplegetaways.com

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