Getting the Most Out of Pre-Marital Counseling

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Being engaged and taking that next step toward marriage is one of the most exciting times in life. Many of the engaged couples that I counsel have used terms like: bliss, peace, a high, content, or satisfied to describe the feeling of finally finding “The One” with whom they are committing to spend a lifetime! Since getting married is a major life change, many people make it a priority to seek couples counseling or pre-marital counseling. Couples come to counseling for various reasons. Research has shown that married couples tend to wait six years after a problem arises in the relationship before going to counseling. Naturally, it can [...]

6 Habits of Happily Blended Families

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Parenting can sometimes be intense; it is one of the most trying roles that many of us take on in life. Blending a family to include children from your partner’s prior relationship can sometimes add even more of a challenge.  Here are some tips if you are in a blended family system. Set time aside to spend together. Despite the hectic schedules that go along with raising children and making a family work, it is always important for the parenting couple to take care of the intimate relationship.  Whether you choose to go on a date once a week or have [...]

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