17: Religion and Relationships

There Is Never A Bad Time To Give Your Relationship That Extra Boost! (35:12)
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Relationships and religion

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 17

Interview with Dr. Green, Senior pastor of Bethel Ministries

A Religious Perspective on Relationships

  • What is a Soulmate?
    • When you find a person that you can depend in a way that you can’t depend on anyone else, you have found a soul mate.
  • Soul mate is not a spiritual term.
  • A soul mate is someone who completes you.
  • Someone you can trust with everything that you have.
  • A person who is comfortable with you.
  • The concept of being equally yoked means that there is balance in the relationship. There is an agreement about religion, finances, etc.
    • Don’t marry in the hopes that you will be balanced.
    • These concerns should be addressed prior to marriage.
  • Infatuation does not sustain a relationship. If you are at the stage of Infatuation, growth needs to take place.
  • When you decide to be married, you are saying I am going to stop everything I am doing to be with you.
  • A marriage mentor can be of assistance
    • A marriage mentor is someone with experience that can assist you on an ongoing basis.
    • A marriage mentor can be an inspirational force in your relationship.
  • A relationship does not build itself. You must be committed to doing the work.

When you say yes in a marriage, you are saying you accept your husband or wife for who they are today.  You are agreeing to be there to make your partner’s life better.  If you are not ready for marriage, there are options other than yes.  Make sure you choose the right option for you.

  • No
  • Why don’t we wait
  • Let’s work on it

Most issues did not happen last night ………  Don’t wait to get help for your relationship …… Work on your relationship before you are holding on by a thread.

  • Counseling is a resources
    • Counseling can help resolve problems in your relationship. If you are having difficulty with past hurts, these hurts can cause damage to your relationship.
    • Premarital counseling can get you off to a good start.
    • Remember, everyone does not need to hear your problems.
    • Make sure you are with a counselor or pastor that you trust.
  • Prayer is a great resource
    • Be careful not to use prayer as an excuse to avoid help.
      • You do not have to pray to use the restroom.
    • You must actively work on your relationship.
      • God is not going to do all the work for you
    • Recognize that god has provided resources for you to receive help.

Most people marry because they are in love.  Continue to remember the things that made you fall in love.  What got you there should be enough to keep you there.

To find out more about pastor green, visit the website http://www.bethelassembly.org/

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