16: An Entrepreneurs Love Story

There Is Never A Bad Time To Give Your Relationship That Extra Boost! (24:20)
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An entrepreneurs love story

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 16

Interview with Author LR JACKSON:

Relationship Advice for Entrepreneurs and Their Lovers

As discussed last week on the podcast, there is evidence to support that entrepreneurs are not the best relationship partners. There are many entrepreneurs who are successful in their relationship or marriage; therefore, it is more than possible for an entrepreneur or executive to have relationships success.

Today’s interview will be with LR Jackson. She is an entrepreneur in the process of writing and publishing books. In addition, she works as a vice president for a company. LR Jackson shares how she makes her relationship work despite her employment.

How One Entrepreneur Has Made Her Love Story a Success.

  • Both LR Jackson and her partner are secure in their relationship.
  • Her partner is encouraging and supportive. He pushes LR Jackson to follow her dreams.
  • She feels good about her relationship. This allows her to focus when she is at work. If she was stressed about her partner, it would distract her and prevent her from doing her best work.
  • She allows her partner to be involved in some of her decision-making processes. He makes suggestions and recommendations when she requests feedback.
    • This shows her partner that his opinion is valuable and important.
  • LR Jackson knows her partner is understanding when it comes to her work. He recognizes that her work can be time consuming. In addition, he realizes that she must travel and be apart from the family for her business to continue to grow.
  • LR Jackson shares that frequent communication while apart helps them to stay connected. Staying in touch with each other allows them to share pictures, words, and experiences.

Best Relationship Advice: LR Jackson shared the best relationship advice she’s received has been to choose her battles wisely. There is no need to bring up every negative thing or action. You do not want to nitpick about everything. Instead, build your partner up. Acknowledge even the small things that your partner does.

She has found a great way to make deposits in her partner’s emotional bank account. She verbally expresses her appreciation for her partner. This type of communication goes a long way.


Being busy does not make it okay to neglect your partner. When you build a secure healthy relationship, your partner is better able to support you in your endeavors.

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