13: Relationships and Work Stress

There Is Never A Bad Time To Give Your Relationship That Extra Boost! (23:07)
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Work Stress and your relationship

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 13

Interview with LeAndrea Banks:

Do you allow work stress to highjack your life and your relationship?

In today’s world, it is so easy to allow stress to negatively impact your life. Ultimately, it can put a damper on your relationship if you allow it. Recognizing that work stress impacts family life is a must.  How can you prevent your work life from becoming your real-life problem?

How does work take over your life

  • This is not usually an abrupt change. Be on the look-out for gradual changes over time that require you to spend more and more time at work.
    • Is work preoccupying your life when you are at home?
    • Are you responding to work phone calls and email at home?
    • Do you spend time thinking about work or work tasks when you are off?
  • If you allow work to take over your thoughts and your time, your relationship can fall apart.
    • Leading to divorce

The Negative impacts of work stress

  • Problems with communication in your relationship
    • Leading to high conflict
  • Changes to your mood
    • Increased anger and irritability
    • A decrease in energy can prevent you from spending quality time with your partner.
    • Depression
      • Believe it! Work stress can cause depressive symptoms or lead to depression.
  • Extreme work stress can contribute to medical problems. Many people report headaches, GI problems, or high blood pressure because of work stress.
  • Work can begin to steal time from your partner. It may be gradual initially; however, over time, work may begin to require an increase in hours, in the office or at home.  Once work begins to cut into your home time, your family begins to lose time with you.
    • The emotional and physical distance and disconnect can leave a loneliness in your partner’s heart.
    • By the time you realize it, you may not have the same level of support from your partner.  He or she may no longer be waiting for you.


  • Self-care is important for you as an individual and you as a partner. Remember, self-care can help you maintain a healthy connection with your partner.
  • If you are not caring for yourself, it is hard to care for someone else.

Remedy for Correcting Work Stress

  • Dedicate more time to sleep to replenish your energy.
  • Have the motto: “If you work hard, you need to play hard.”
    • Find a way to take back those 5 hours for time with your partner.
  • Have some electronic free time. Detach from the world to relax and unwind.
    • If you have difficulty, you can always spend time on a cruise where there is more incentive to be electronic free.
  • Spend time alone for self-care.
    • If your partner sees that you are caring for yourself, it can help your partner feel more relaxed.  He or she does not need to be anxious or overly concerned about your wellbeing.
  • Be proactive
    • Anticipate that there will be change, so you can have some control over how the change will impact you.
    • Prepare for an exit plan, so you can jump ship if it begins to sink.
  • This does not mean become anxious and do heavy job hunting. You can simply network with other professionals in your field, or keep your eyes open for potential future employment sites.
    • Recognize that the job is not the “end all and be all,”
  • keep your skills sharp so you can be prepared if you need to transition to a new employment site.

What are you working for?  Are you working to support your life, or is work your life?  If work is your life, and you want to have a happy healthy relationship, it is time to begin thinking about goals to work towards.

The book Couple Skills is recommended to gain practical skills.  This book has step by step guidelines and worksheets that can help you improve your relationship.


More Resources

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