10: Intimacy and The Holdiays

There Is Never A Bad Time To Give Your Relationship That Extra Boost! (21:32)
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Don’t forget about Intimacy during the Holiday season 

This episode begins our 3 part holiday series.  It is so important to make sure that you do not forget about intimacy

  • Create new rituals around intimacy around the holiday

o   Get a new outfit to wear during your next sexual or intimate escapade.

o   Create a list of sexual playdates.

o   Go to your local novelty store and ask questions. 

  • Buy a new toy that you and your partner can use in the New Year or during the holiday season
  • Love Coupons

o   Around the holidays you can gift your partner a coupon to be redeemed at any time.

o   The coupon can be for any sexual or intimate act.

What Men Really Want In Relationships!

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We want you to know what they want from their perspective.

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